Reclaimed natural roofing slate stock is ever changing and will range from Penrhyn slate to Westmoreland Green slate to Ffestiniog slate.

If there is a particular roof slate, tile, flag or even a chimney pot that you are looking for our expertise will enable us to source specific products for you.

We have vast quantities of slate stock available in the yard and are always happy to have you here
onsite to view our range of products.

Penrhyn Slate

Most of the slates from Penrhyn are an attractive heather blue or purple colour although also
available in red and grey.

Penrhyn slates fully conform to BS EN 12326: Part 1: 2004 and are generally expected to outlive the life of a building (when fixed in accordance with BS 5534/ICP 2), and are covered by a 100 year quarry backed guarantee.

Westmoreland Green Slate

Westmoreland Green slate are a pale green stone with great durability and adaptability which can be used to create classic weather resistant details and surface finishes.

New Chinese Slates

New Chinese slates are of exceptionally high quality and consistency and each slate is individually checked. New Chinese slates are made up of three different shades of grey.

Delabole Slate

Delabole slate are an exquisite, highly durable green slate available in both specific or random sizes.

We can source a wide variety of chimney pots both new and reclaimed in many different designs and colours. The two most common colours are terracotta and yellow and we have many examples of both. Please do not hesitate to email us and we can send you pictures of our current stock.

New Chinese Slate Tile
New Chinese Slate
Westmoreland Green Slate Tile
Westmorland Green Slate

Penrhyn Slate Tile
Penryn Slate
Ffestiniog Slate Tile
Ffestiniog Slate

Delabole Slate Tile
Delable Slate